Process and request Payments

How do I generate an International Payment?

In order to require a third party - a supplier, a debtor or any other business partner - to pay the requested money to your BNKA account, you must generate a Payment Request.

The process is very simple, practical and straightforward. Generate your international payment by following these steps:

Sign up for free or Sign in to your account.
Go to the Menu and click Payment Request and Generate New Request.
A screen will appear asking 'Who do you want to send to?' Write the email of the user to whom you will make the payment request.
Then, on the next screen, choose the currency and the amount. Write, if you wish, a comment related to the payment you are requesting

Select Submit and voila! The user will receive the international payment request in his BNKA account, along with a notification email.

And how do I make an international payment?

BNKA also allows you to pay collection requests made by your business partners, associates and suppliers.

How does merchant payment processing work with a POS?

The Merchant charges the customer with the BNKA POS/dataphone in the FIAT currency or cryptocurrency of their choice. Thanks to the BNKA algorithm, the merchant instantly receives the sale made in his account, being able to choose in which currency or cryptocurrency he receives his money instantly.

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