Terms and conditions for BNKA services
These Terms and Conditions govern the operations carried out by authorized users through the application and/ or the BNKA platform, which is owned by Block Digital UAB, a company incorporated under the laws of Lithuania, with registe red office at Kalvariju g. 125, Vilnius , Lithuania, licensed to operate under the regulations as a virtual asset service ope rator. (VASP)
These 'Terms and Conditions ( T&C ) and any other conditions published on this website for the provision of services by BNKA, are applicable to any person with legal capacity who contracts the services of BNKA through the website, the App ( iOS/Android) or your e-wallet Platform (hereinafter, the Platform).
These GENERAL CONDITIONS, in order to operate both on our platform and on the downloadable application for any of the smartphone operating systems, must be accepted by the user. With the acceptance of the same, it will be implicit that the user has read the terms and conditions in a complete way, understood and accepted the same.
Blockchain technology . From this platform you will be able to access, among others, payment services, request the opening of bank accounts, make alternative investments through the purchase and sale of digital tokens, and all the services offered on the constantly updated platform, charge and recharge payments. , withdrawals, requests for ad vances and other transactions
that involve movements of funds in relation to the use of the App., request the issuance of prepaid and credit cards associated with BNKA, hereinafter (BNKA Cards), control payments made through the App and with the Cards linked to the App owned by the User; make money transfers to other users through the App, make money transfers to diffe rent accounts through the use of the CVU (Uniform Virtual Key ) or CBU;
Receive money transfers from third parties from CVU or CBU, when this service is available through the use of CVU, make payments in businesses through QR Code, pay bills, request new plastics or cancel the App and/or Cards linked to the User or registration as a User, recharge services enabled in the App; Communicate through the app 's own messaging service with customer service. All other products and services that BNKA offers from time to time.-
Likewise, it is expressly stated that the funds deposited in payment accounts do not constitute deposits in a financial institution, nor do they have any of the guarantees that such deposits may enjoy in accordance with the legislation and regulations applicable to deposits in financial institutions.
The Company reserves the right to review these T&C at any time, updating and/or modifying them. The User must ca refully and comprehensively read these Terms and Conditions on a regular basis, since they may be modified. The Company may modify these Terms and Conditions at any time by posting the modified terms on the Site. All the mo dified terms will enter into force from the moment of their publication and will be presumed accepted by the User, to the extent that they continue to use the Site.
All modifications to the T&C will be considered tacitly accepted. In case of disagreement on the part of the User, the Company will proceed to close the User's Account upon request for instruction to the User on the destination to be given to the Digital Assets registered in his Account; Until the Company receives said instruction, the Account will remain blocked.
The platform allows the USER to use any of the services described therein. BNKA will be responsible for the correct provision of services through the Platform, complying with all current legal regulations. The user undertakes to use the Platform res ponsibly, exempting BNKA from any liability derived from inappropriate, erroneous or illegal use of the Platform or with the aim of committing illegal actions.
The service can only be acquired by persons over eighteen years of age and with full capacity to contract and with sufficient capacity to sign these terms and conditions and cannot be used for illegal purposes. By way of example, illegal purposes are considered to be the transfer or receipt of payments for illegal activities; the transfer of funds that constitute money launde ring or financing of terrorism under current legislation or that have been obtained thanks to illegal activities; the transfer of funds with the purpose of financing illegal activities, and the transfer of funds in order to avoid their confiscation by security forces or bodies, tax evasion or under the mandate of any Court. Minors cannot contract the services of BNKA, nor acquire the character of users. The user, by accepting these terms and conditions, acknowledges that their acceptance will have the nature of an affidavit. In the cases in which the user accesses the platform on behalf of and on behalf of a legal person, the user accepts and declares that he has sufficient powers of representation to bind the legal person or company he repre sents in the contracting of services. In these cases, BNKA will have the power to request the accompanying documentation that it deems necessary to prove said representation. If the user's access on behalf of the legal entity is satisfactory, any request for services made by the user will be attributable to the Legal Entity, and BNKA will presume that they have been carried out by the latter. The acquisition of the condition of User implies reading and express and unreserved acceptance of the terms and conditions described herein, as well as any other condition that may appear on the platform. The user will be able to access the services of the BNKA Platform using the username and password that will be generated during the regis tration process at the time they sign these terms and conditions. The generated username and password that will allow the user to identify themselves and use the services of the BNKA Platform are strictly personal and confidential. The user will be responsible for maintaining their confidentiality. Consequently, the user expressly accepts and acknowledges that the uses of the service made using their identification keys are made by the registered user, unless the latter has previously reported their loss or theft, in which case they must proceed immediately to change them. . The password may be freely modified by the user, through the procedures that BNKA has established for this purpose. The replaced password will be annulled as a means of identification, at the same time that the new one is generated. BNKA may block access to and use of the Platform services when deemed necessary for security reasons.
The terms and conditions will enter into force from the moment the following conditions are met: The user has given their consent by clicking the button "I have read and accept the "TERMS AND CONDITIONS" enabled on the Platform or in the Application.
The Privacy Policy of the BNKA website must be accepted together with these terms and conditions. The information that you provide us is necessary for the purposes of being able to provide the services offered by the platform. The required data will be treated in accordance with the applicable legislation on the Protection of Personal Data.
On the Platform you will find links to third-party websites, which are governed by their own conditions unrelated to this plat form, BNKA not being responsible for the operations that the user can carry out through these entities unrelated to BNKA.
Transactions in crypto assets are carried out directly, without the intervention of intermediaries. Crypto assets do not have legal backing from any government. Each transaction that is carried out between the users of your network is recor ded and a digital signature is created to prevent fraud and forgery, being stored on the network permanently. Due to complex encryption and security procedures, counterfeiting or theft of crypto assets is highly unlikely, but there is a risk that the procedures or software fail. Payments made by the user in crypto assets are irreversible, and computer errors in legitimate payments with crypto assets are very low as the system performs checks to try to avoid it. Most payment errors are caused by human error when entering wrong data, so BNKA is not responsible for the transfers made by users. BNKA may apply, in the event of errors attributable to the user, the commissions or costs specified for these cases.
9.1 To use the Service, the User must register and create a personal account with BNKA, through the BNKA Web or App, complying with the following steps in an appropriate manner:
Open the BNKA website or the BNKA App.
Indicate your email address in the box provided for this purpose.
Accept the terms and conditions of this contract.
An email will then be sent to the address indicated above to confirm your registration.
The user must access the link sent in the registration confirmation email.
Once you have accessed the aforementioned link, you must configure your password to access your BNKA ac
count. The password must meet the technical requirements demanded.
Complete the user verification form with the personal information requested (hereinafter, the " Personal Data "). Anexar os documentos solicitados para verificação dos Dados Pessoais do Usuário, tanto no caso de pessoas físih) h
Attach documents requested to verify the Personal Data of the User, both in the case of natural and legal persons. By way of example, a photograph of the identity document, a selfie with the identity document in hand and proof of the indicated address may be requested.
Once the information provided by the User has been verified, the User must create an operations key to carry out
each Transaction, which the User must keep in a safe place.
Users guarantee and are responsible, in any case, for the veracity, accuracy, integrity, validity and authenticity of the data provided and, specifically, Personal Data. Likewise, they undertake to keep this data updated.
9.2 BNKA uses different security and identity verification systems with our users. For this, we have the support of Meta map . And, in addition to the indications of this provider, we carry out our own identity verification control.
BNKA may reject a registration application, cancel or suspend (temporarily or permanently) an existing registration, if it detects:
•inconsistencies, inconsistencies or false data in the information received, or
•activities that could be considered illegal.
This decision will not generate rights of compensation or compensation for the User (or potential User).
9.3. Only one account can be obtained for each User. Each account opened at BNKA is personal, unique and non-transferable and its sale, assignment or transfer under any title is prohibited. The User may not allow or authorize the use of their account by third parties. In cases where the user is a legal entity, it will use its services through its legal representative, who must prove said character as required by BNKA at the time of registering the user.
9.4. Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their BNKA account information. Among others: (i) email and password for access; ( ii ) your activity and transactions, or ( iii ) your operations password. Users agree to immediately notify BNKA of any unauthorized access to the use of their account, or any other breach of the security of their account. This notification will be made by contacting the BNKA Support department through the following link https://shortest.link/bnkaCS. Any transaction made with the User's account and its unique operations key will be considered carried out by the latter.
9.5. BNKA may cancel or suspend the Users' account when: (i) the User attempts to transfer funds or charge a credit/de bit card of which he is not the owner; (ii) the issuer of the User's card attempts to reverse the charge of a Transaction;( iii ) the User provides incorrect or false information about himself, about his debit or credit card details or about a Recipien t;(iv) the User breaches this agreement;(v) if there are reasons to conclude that a Transaction has been carried out for
illegal purposes, or (vi) in circumstances similar to the above.
10.1 General guidelines.
BNKA is free at all times to accept and/ or reject any transaction requested through the services offered on the plat form; as well as may impose limits on the amounts of transactions allowed, or any other modification on the use of services without prior notice when deemed necessary.
10.2 Cancellation of transactions by the user.
The user may only cancel his initiated request for a transaction in the event that it occurs before BNKA executes said transaction. Otherwise, you will not be able to modify, withdraw or cancel the order for BNKA to carry out the requested transaction. The user will not be able to reverse the operation in these cases.
10.3 Electronic wallet or wallet.
10.3.1 BNKA offers its users the electronic wallet service, which will allow the user to carry out the exchange operations they want both between the different types of cryptocurrencies accepted on the platform as well as between crypto currencies and current legal tender (fiat).
10.3.2 Deposits. Deposits in fiat money can only be made by bank transfer. Once the steps to make deposits on our platform have been completed, BNKA will verify that they have been followed correctly and completely, and will also verify that the bank transfer has been credited. The maximum period for accreditation of funds is 72 hours . skillful.
10.3.3 Fiat Withdrawals As long as you have enough available balance in your wallet to make a withdrawal, you must follow the instructions that appear on the web. Before making a FIAT withdrawal, the user must register their bank de tails. Once they are registered, you must indicate the fiat currency in which you want to make your withdrawal and indicate the previously registered bank account to which BNKA will transfer the funds. In said operation, the commis sion for the service and the amount you will receive will be automatically calculated. The maximum withdrawal exe cution period is 72 business hours.
10.4 Operating currencies on the platform.
On the BNKA platform you will be able to operate with the main cryptocurrencies recognized in the market and with a large number of currencies in fiat money . Both the cryptographic values, as well as the fiat money with which tran sactions can be made on the platform, the available options accepted and constantly updated will appear on our website, in such a way that said information will be in the possession of the user before proceeding with the transac tions. requests. The User understands and accepts that BNKA is limited to offering the cryptoactive purchase and sale
service , but that there is no incident or responsibility whatsoever regarding their value and/or volatility. In general, money transfer Transactions will be paid in the currency of the destination country. BNKA will show the exchange rate at the beginning of the Transaction, in this way the user who has accepted and completed the Tran saction knows how much will be credited to the destination account. However, it should be clarified that BNKA is not responsible if the Bank of the destination account applies additional discounts for the payment made. Exchange rates can fluctuate several times a day. The specific exchange rate for each Transaction will be expressly indicated during the contracting process by the User, after selecting the country of destination, entering the amount to be transferred and clicking on the calculation link specifically provided on the BNKA Web or App. . The exchange rate applied will be maintained for a certain time from its calculation. If the User has not ordered the Transaction within that period, they must recalculate it. The exchange rates used in the Transactions will be applied and calculated in a neutral manner and that is not discriminatory with respect to the Users of the Services. The currency will be converted at the time of the transfer and the recipient will receive the amount in foreign currency that has been determined in the Transaction
10.5 The user will not be able to make money transfers from those countries considered "tax havens", in compliance with the directives and regulations for the prevention of asset laundering and financing of terrorism. The following countries are those that we consider to be high risk for carrying out this type of operations and from which it will not be possible to carry out transactions: Albanian, Balkans, Barbados, Belarus, Burma, Burundi, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Democratic People's Republic of Korea , Haiti, Iran , Philippines , Jamaica, Jordan , Mali, Malta, Morocco, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Senegal, United Arab Emirates , Syria, Turkey, Ukraine, Yemen, Zimbabwe.
10.6 INDEPENDENCE OF THE PARTIES. The user acknowledges and accepts that: BNKA does not act as its agent, inter mediary, adviser, in such a way that any notification or information provided will be understood as advice.
The Services are provided over the Internet through the App, through the use of devices owned by the User, and with the participation of third-party providers of complementary services such as, without limitation, payment processors, credit card networks and providers of automated data processing services.
12.1. The use of the platform Services will accrue the commissions and expenses established and that appear in the "commissions" section of the BNKA Web and App.
12.2. Before the User authorizes the Transaction, complete and itemized information will be provided on the applicable commissions, expenses and exchange rates, and the maximum term for the execution of the Transaction, thus having the user fully aware of the cost of the service.
12.3. Regardless of the commissions and expenses charged by BNKA, Transactions may be subject to additional fees or taxes established by the competent authorities of the country of origin, by the competent authorities of the country of destination, or the financial institution of the country of destination where it is located. the recipient.
12.4. In some recipient countries, taxes and service charges may be imposed locally at the time of account credit. For account deposits, you may be charged by the Recipient's bank or account provider for receiving money into your account.
13.1. The User will transfer to BNKA the funds necessary to execute the Transaction using the following system:
•Bank transfer: the User must enter the access and authentication data necessary for the credit institution in which they hold a bank account to authorize a transfer to the collector contracted by BNKA for the full amount of the Transaction (commissions and expenses included). . This method of transferring funds will only be possible if the User is the holder of a bank account. In no case are third-party transfers accepted . The User authorizes BNKA to charge and credit his bank account or his credit/debit card for the amount of the Transaction, including any commission or expense agreed and accepted by him. Likewise, it authorizes charges and credits to be made to correct errors in the collection of the above amounts. BNKA is not responsible for the additional costs that are accrued by credit institutions for the use of their bank accounts or credit/debit cards to execute the Transaction. Neither will BNKA be responsible for the additional information obligations required by credit institutions, as a consequence of the use of their bank accounts or credit/de
bit cards to execute the Transaction.
13.2. BNKA will not advance the amount of the Transaction or grant loans for it to be carried out. Before BNKA executes the Authorized Transaction, the user must have transferred the funds subject to the Transaction (including BNKA's com mission) to BNKA. If BNKA executes a Transaction duly ordered by the User and, subsequently, it is noticed that his credit card does not have credit, or that his debit card or bank account does not have sufficient funds, the User will respond for the total amount of the transaction. Transaction, including the BNKA commission and any other associated expenses that may have been generated.
14.1. The Services will be provided in accordance with this contract. However, BNKA may deny the provision of Services when it is impossible for it to execute them or as established in this contract and, in particular, when:
the information provided by the user is incorrect or incomplete;
the User's Transaction request does not arrive sufficiently in advance to provide the Service on time; c
the User does not pay the amount of the Transaction, including the applicable commissions and expenses; d
the entity issuing the credit/debit card does not authorize its use to make the payment of the Transaction, inclu ding the accrued commissions and any associated costs;
the financial entity in which the User has the bank account to pay the Transaction (commissions and expenses included) does not authorize its payment, or
the provision/execution of the Service supposes a violation of any BNKA policy (including policies aimed at the pre
vention of fraud, money laundering or terrorist financing) and/or of any applicable legislation, judicial resolution or requirement of any authority regulatory or governmental, or any body with jurisdiction over BNKA ; or if BNKA otherwi se deems such action necessary to protect its interests.
If BNKA refuses to provide the Service for the above reasons, it will notify the User indicating the causes, unless there is a legal impediment. BNKA assumes no liability for damages resulting from failure to execute a Transaction for these reasons.
Notify the user about any movement that could be considered suspicious and that could put the security of the user's account at risk.
14.2. BNKA assumes no responsibility for:
the goods or services that the User pays for using the Service;
failures in communication services over which it has no control;
data loss or transmission delays resulting from the use of any Internet access service provider, or caused by any other software that it does not manage;
the services provided by the entity issuing the User's card;
viruses caused by third parties;
errors in the provision of the Service caused by incomplete or incorrect information that the User or another third
party has transmitted, or
any unauthorized use or interception of information before it reaches the BNKA Website or App. h
for those errors, damages and/ or losses that they could suffer due to the actions of any of the external third parties that intervene in the development of our services.
14.3. O BNKA executará a Transação, creditando na conta do Destinatário o valor acordado, nos seguintes prazos máximos a partir do momento em que o Usuário tenha disponibilizado os fundos necessários ao BNKA:
Transactions in euros addressed to financial institutions located in the European Union: at the end of the next business day. b
Transactions in currencies other than the euro, addressed to financial institutions located in the European Union: three business days.
14.4. When the Transaction has been fully executed, the User will receive an email indicating the operation carried out, detailing the price and any expense associated with the contracted Service.
15.1. The User may only use the Service when they are of legal age (18 years of age), have full capacity to act and have the funds object of the Transaction available.
15.2. To use the Service, the User must accept and comply with this contract and have the amount of the Transaction in his or her wallet, including commissions, fees and associated costs.
15.3. The User will use the Service by accessing his personal area on the BNKA Web or App, with his email address and password, and will confirm the Transaction with his unique operations password. The password, username and unique operations key cannot be used by anyone other than the User.
The User will be responsible for keeping his username, password and unique operations password safe, as well as all Transactions made with his user. Please never share your password or your unique trading key or write it down an ywhere.
When the User detects unauthorized use or any other breach of the security of his account at BNKA, he will immedia tely notify BNKA. As soon as you notify us of unauthorized use of your username, password or unique trading key, we will take steps to prevent the use of this information. We will inform you of such steps immediately after taking them and we will notify you of the reasons for it, unless there are legal reasons that prevent us from doing so. We are not responsible for any loss or damage arising from your breach of your obligations under this clause.
the information provided to carry out a Transaction is true, accurate, up-to-date and complete;
will only share Transaction data with the Recipient, and
You will not use the Service for illegal or unauthorized purposes, or that violate this contract or the information pu
blished on the BNKA Web or App. Specifically, you will not use the BNKA App or Website: (i) for any purpose other than ordering Transactions; ( ii ) using automated systems; ( iii ) to disrupt the activity of third parties; ( iv ) in a way that interrupts, destroys or limits the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunica tions equipment; (v) to hinder or interfere with the provision of the Services; (vi) to violate the rights of third parties, or ( vii ) for a purpose similar to those indicated above.
To take responsibility for all the operations that are carried out in their user account, exempting BNKA from any type of responsibility.
to always operate in a proper manner in accordance with morality and good customs, maintain the confidentiality of the communications that could be maintained with the company and/or with any of its authorities, as well as undertake not to carry out publicity actions or negative comments on the web, and/ or all kinds of social networks. In any event, it is obliged that in the event of any conflict that may arise, the user will contact the company directly or through the corresponding legal channels.
15.5. The User accepts that BNKA provides their information and that of the Transactions carried out to the regulatory and governmental authorities or to organizations and entities, when:
the Law so provides; either
if the information provided can help prevent fraud, money laundering or any other fraudulent activity. b
The App, the Services and the Contents may only be used for lawful purposes.
BNKA specifically prohibits any use of the App, the Services or the
Contents for:
- Reveal or share the Keys with third parties, or use the Keys to
unauthorized purposes.
- The use or attempted use of any machine, software, tool, agent or other mechanism to navigate or search the App, the Services or the Contents that are different from the search tools provided by BNKA in the App. - Attempt to decipher, decompile or obtain the source code of any App software program. - The user will refrain from using the App to facilitate, hide, manage, invest,
manage or use in any way money or property from
illegal activities or to give the appearance of legality to illegal activities and resources related to them. Declaring under oath the legal origin of the funds managed through the App. Therefore, the user is aware that BNKA is empowe red to request all the information necessary to comply with the regulations of different public bodies, especially the regulations dictated by the FIU, for the prevention of asset laundering, and financing of terrorism. Consequently, it expressly undertakes to collaborate with BNKA by providing information, the delivery of documentation and reports, as well as the provision of all data that is necessary and/or convenient for BNKA to comply with the obligations set forth . -
- Use any mechanism to prevent or attempt to prevent the proper functioning of the App, the Services or the Con tents.
apocryphal biographical data.-
The user may only use his User Account and the Keys for himself and may not
use it for third parties to carry out transactions and/or receive information, nor to carry out transactions on behalf of third parties. BNKA reserves the right to suspend or terminate any User Account that, at BNKA's sole discretion, does not comply with the standards defined in this Agreement, without this generating the right to any compensation.
17.1 The user declares to know and have full capacity to understand the operation, characteristics and risks of using services backed by blockchain technology , as well as to know the risks associated with the exchange of cryptoacti ves , the fluctuations in their value that can lead to an increase or loss. of your investment. The user declares that they have full capacity and freedom to make the decisions they deem appropriate to operate on the platform. In no case will BNKA be responsible for any damage that the user may suffer for carrying out operations on the platform, and the user does not have any right to claim against BNKA for the loss of their values due to the action or omission of the user. Under no circumstances does BNKA provide financial, tax, economic advice or advice on any matter related to the operation with crypto assets under blockchain technology , which is why BNKA is not responsible for the results obtai ned by users when operating in and/ or through through the platform. The user acknowledges that all cryptocurrency transactions are unique and irreversible.
BNKA will not be responsible for failures in the internet network, in the cryptocurrency block chains, banks or for the attack on the software of any hacker that results in the loss or disappearance of the crypto assets owned by the user . The user undertakes to hold BNKA harmless in all cases against any loss, modification or variation in the values of crypto assets owned by the user. The user declares to know that the banking entities that provide the users' bank ac
counts may intervene in the transactions and in this case any loss of fiat money owned by the users will be the res ponsibility of said banking entities.
17.2 Liability for Transactions not authorized by the User.
17.2.1. In the event that the User has not authorized a transaction with his personal account at BNKA, he must notify BNKA immediately. If BNKA has not notified the User of the information about the unauthorized Transaction, the User must notify such unauthorized Transaction within a maximum period of 24 business hours.
BNKA will return the amount of the Transaction to the User (commissions and expenses included), provided that it complies with its obligations to notify the unauthorized Transaction, and when the cases provided for in section 16.1.2.
17.2.2. The User will be liable for all losses and damages caused by an unauthorized Transaction, when carried out with fraudulent intent or intentionally or grossly negligent with respect to the obligations assumed in this contract. By way of example, it will be considered that the User incurs in the above behaviors when: (i) he does not adopt the appropriate measures to maintain the confidentiality of the password to access his personal profile in BNKA, or the operations password; ( ii ) do not secure or disclose the details of a Transaction; ( iii ) fail to notify BNKA immediately of the loss of Transaction data, or ( iv ) fail to promptly notify the unauthorized use of your BNKA account.
17.3 Transactions not executed or executed incorrectly.
If the Transaction is not executed or is executed incorrectly for an unjustified reason, BNKA will reimburse the User for the amount of the Transaction (including the commissions and expenses paid by the User to BNKA).
The reimbursement of the amounts owed to the User for the previous concept, will take place within a maximum period of fifteen (15) business days.
17.4 Liability Exclusions .
BNKA does not assume any responsibility for damages caused by unusual and unforeseeable events over which it has no control and whose consequences, despite exercising due diligence, it could not have avoided; for example, failure of telecommunication lines, civil disturbances, war or other events such as industrial actions or lockouts.
Once carried out, the operations carried out by the User cannot be revoked. Confirmation by BNKA will be made through a confirmation message for each particular operation, which will be displayed in the App at the end of each transaction. The User releases BNKA from all responsibility for the operations carried out through their User Account, and guarantees to hold BNKA harmless for any claim, damage and/or loss derived directly or indirectly from the use of their User Account.
This Contract has a duration of one (1) year, which will be automatically renewed for periods of equal duration, unless either party expresses its intention to terminate it before its completion. In particular, the User must express their intention not to renew this contract fifteen (15) days before the end of the contract , and BNKA must announce their wish not to renew the contract at least one (1) month in advance. In any case, the user may not terminate the contract until they have complied with all their payment obligations to BNKA, having to cancel all pending obligations to proceed with its termination.
Even if the contract has been terminated, BNKA will execute the Transactions that were pending on the termination date, provided that the User has paid the amount of the pending Transactions, including all expenses and commissions owed on such date.
The User has the right to withdraw from this contract, within fourteen (14) calendar days from its formalization. The withdrawal must be communicated to BNKA at the email address: legal@bnka.com
The right of withdrawal does not entail any penalty for the User, but they must pay for the Services executed by BNKA until the moment in which the withdrawal occurs.
The BNKA App may contain links to third-party websites and/or applications.
BNKA does not endorse or guarantee the contents of these Third Party Sites. BNKA is not responsible for the content of Third Party Sites and does not make any representations regarding the content and/or accuracy of these Third Party Sites. If you decide to access Third Party Sites, you do so at your own risk.
The communications that BNKA maintains with the User will take place through the email and telephone number that they have provided when contracting the Services.
The User agrees that email is the valid and effective means of communication, with main character. Therefore, the User must guarantee the availability of this means of communication. In this regard, you will not be able to justify your lack of response by the lack of access to your email account. Neither can you oppose the lack of receipt of the email, when the sender of the email is aware that it has been sent properly with delivery acknowledgment .
For his part, the User may establish communication with BNKA for the following cases through the following means: contacting the support center: https://shortest.link/bnkaCS
•Notification of an Unauthorized Transaction:
•Notification of a Transaction not executed or executed incorrectly:
•Exercise of the right of withdrawal
•Notice of non-renewal of the Contract:
•Exercise of your rights related to the data protection policy:
•Any other complaint or claim
The User may submit their queries, telling the support center: https://shortest.link/bnkaCS. In said contact, the User will express the object of his request and the causes that motivate it. BNKA Customer Service will process the query and/ or claim impartially, trying to resolve it as soon as possible. The maximum term to resolve the claims presented will be two (2) months from their presentation.
If the User's request is dismissed by the Customer Service or the period of two (2) months elapses without a response, the User may present his claim before the corresponding administrative body that represents the rights of consu mers and users.
The contracting of the Service implies the express acceptance by the Users of the treatment of their personal data and of all the exposed data transfers. For more information you should consult our Privacy and Personal Data section.
These terms and conditions shall be governed by the provisions of the Lithuanian legal system. The competent Courts and Tribunals in accordance with current legislation will settle any conflict between BNKA and Users. Alternatively, BNKA and Users may expressly submit to a competent Consumer Arbitration court.