Global money control with BNKA

Control your money globally!

With BNKA, you can use your money wherever and whenever you want. We turn the global into local by breaking geographical barriers. Receive and send deposits like a local. Wherever you are, you will have access to the banking system.


Exchange your money
at the best price

Easily exchange your money at the best price and discover why over 15,000 Latin American migrants in Europe already choose us.



Exchange rates fluctuate constantly. Make sure to check them on our app before making any conversions.

Secure operations
Manage global currencies

Multi-currency account

Manage all your currencies anywhere in the world. Get your own local account number in countries where BNKA is present and receive payments like a local.

Commission-free global card

International cards

Get your international cards and spend abroad with the real exchange rate anywhere, without misleading transaction fees.

International money transfers

Global payments

Send money anywhere in the world. Transfer money without borders, make instant payments worldwide, and request and receive payments like a local.

Currency exchange service

Currency converter

Currency exchanges at your fingertips. Receive, store, and convert your money, and pay like a local. Save money when sending, spending, and withdrawing, all in one account.

Manage your bill payments

Utility bills

Keep life back home running smoothly from anywhere in the world with BNKA. Effortlessly handle utility payments—electricity, water, education fees, and more—just like you would locally. Stay connected to your roots, while you branch out globally.

BNKA: Control your money from anywhere

Web and mobile platform to manage your money from anywhere.

Embrace global financial freedom with BNKA. Open multicurrency accounts that let you receive funds, pay bills, and conduct currency swaps—all with local ease. Plus, secure an international debit card and tap into our expansive transfer network. Take your money wherever life takes you, with BNKA.

Your money is protected with BNKA

Security is fundamental to us

Your data and your money are always protected. Your safety is of utmost importance to us, which is why we work with the most advanced security protocols to encrypt all your information, and we only collaborate with companies regulated and validated by the relevant authorities.

Security and data protection

Extra secure transactions

We use a two-step authentication to protect your account and your transactions. Your security is our top priority.

Extra secure transactions with BNKA