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A new financial experience

BNKA is a complete virtual money management solution. A financial superapp that is location independent. No matter where you are physically, you will have access to your account.

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These are some of our products

Multicurrency Bank Accounts

Get your own account number in the countries where BNKA has a presence and get paid in local currencies.

International VISA and Mastercard Card

Get your international card in both local currency and international currencies, regardless of where you are physically.


Send money anywhere in the worldTransfer money without borders, Instant payments worldwide, request and receive payments as a local.

Buy and sell Coins

Currency exchange at your fingertips. Receive, store and convert your money into more than 30 currencies worldwide and pay abroad as a local more. Creates an account for the currency you have chosen in a matter of seconds.

Alternative investments

Create your portfolio and invest in other coins in just a few clicks.

Process and Request Payments

Accept payments from your customers, both in cryptocurrencies and in FIAT and receive in the currency of your choice instantly. With POS, by email or in your e-commerce.